Friday, March 23, 2007

Che Humour

This happens to be the latest fad in my household with wife and self trying to come up with dedications to Che...

Why am I inflicting this on the blogsphere you might ask!
For want of anything better....

1. What if Che Guevara were an extremely obese person - Che Gubbara

2. If Che were a Fountain - Che Favvara

3. If Che were a road-side romeo - Che Chhichhora

4. Che will always be to his parents - Che Dulara

5. If Che were a hill station - Che Almora

6. If Che were a Bachelor - Che Kunwara

7. If Che was a Kashmiri - Che Shikara

8. If Che was a vehicle - Che Tavera

9. If Che was a Punjabi - Che Arora

10. Che in the morning - Che Savera

11. Che was a foodie - Che Chatora

12. Che at midnight - Che Baarah

13. Che Celebrity - Che Sitara

14. Che were a dish - Che Bukhara

15. Che were a crown - Che Tiara

16. Che were a cave painting - Che Ellora

17. When Che was pitied he was called - Che Bechara

18. If Che was white - Che Gora

19. Che was a knife - Che Choora

20. If Che was a Goan - Che Perreira

Enough for now...Contributions are welcome...