Friday, August 01, 2008

Beijing Ahoy!

Will be heading off for THE games later this month. My itinerary includes a day of athletics, the soccer finals, both basketball semi finals, water polo and the closing ceremony. Lets just say at this point that I am slightly more excited that Navjot Sidhu on one of his off days.

It all feels a bit surreal really. I mean who goes to the Olympics, seriously. But there it is. Me am going. Looking forward to the Triple Jump finals. Had a fair bit of talent at the old hop, skip and jump as a lad I did and my personal best stands at just about 5 metres below the world mark set by Jonathan Edwards (18.29m I believe). Its a pity Edwards has retired though. Also hurray to the fact that soccer teams will feature the very best talent available. Here's praying for a Brazil-Argentina final. Also praying on the side for an Argentina-US matchup in basketball. Only grouse is not being able to catch the aquatics (water polo does not qualify for me). Catching Michael Phelps in action would have made the trip about adequate. Nevertheless one shall not crib.